Monday, 9 October 2017

my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard!

This is a hair care post!

I know the title is a bit misleading, let me explain..

Whilst browsing the haircare aisle in Boots I saw these bright bottles on the shelf and at first glance thought they were something to drink, looked like smoothies/milkshakes to me!
Maui shampoo and conditioner
Maui shampoo and conditioner

Once (glasses on now πŸ€“) I read the label I quickly realised they were on the right shelf and are in fact shampoo and conditioner bottles.   However the ingredients do sound good enough to eat... 🍍

About this range - Maui

I had not heard of the Maui range before but I still went ahead and purchased a bottle of Strength and Anti-Breakage + agave shampoo and the matching conditioner.  They were £8.99 each which is more than I usually pay, but it was pay day so I thought, Why not?

Maui (which is named after the island in Hawaii) have 5 catagories in their range:
  • Curl Quench + coconut
  • Thicken and Restore + bamboo fibres
  • Nourish and Moisture + coconut milk
  • Revive and Hydrate + shea butter
  • Strength and Anti-Breakage + agave (the one I brought)
What is different about Maui (apart from their packaging) is, at the heart of their products is aloe vera juice and coconut water - as opposed to regular products that have water as their first ingredient, and trust me it makes a difference.
Maui shampoo

Also, they don't include a whole range of moisture stripping nasties such as  silicon, parabens, sulphates etc and are as you would expect the products are planet and animal friendly. 🐰🌎

The Shampoo
Maui shampoo

It is very thick and was a tiny bit difficult to get out of the bottle, however thumping the bottle like it was ketchup did the trick.

It has a lovely smell and produced a really luxurious lather, I didn't need much.  I always shampoo twice out of habit really, but I do have long hair so like to make sure I get it all.

The Conditioner
Maui conditioner

I would say the same smell as the shampoo but not quite as strong.

How to describe the smell, apart from very nice and I like it?  As the main ingredient is aloe I guess it smells of that along with agave, coconut, hibiscus oil and pineapple, so fruity, tropical and uplifting!

Again a little bit difficult to get out of the bottle, when I did, I got a good dollop that I applied to the ends of my hair, fringe and then lightly on the rest.

My hair is bleached so definitely chemically treated, which is the exact hair type the Strength and Anti-Breakage range is aimed at.

After about 5 mins I rinsed it off, as it rinsed away it smelt wonderful.

Maui shampoo and conditioner

Ok so however funky a bottle looks, or how fab the label reads the real proof of any product is in how it works for you.

Results from shampoo and conditioner are usually pretty instant - apart from leave in products that carry on working.  I wrote a post about the cumulative affects of leave in hair care products - you can read it here (its quite good!).

After my first time using Maui I styled and dried my hair as usual - but then WHOA THERE what great results!  I was so pleased with my blow dry, how my hair felt and looked plus it smelt fab.

Either I had suddenly become a super top stylist or it is down to the aloe juice.

Woke up the next morning and went out again with bright bouncy happy hair - I even threw in a little swagger as I was feeling that good!!

If you are looking to treat your hair I would recommended you check out the Maui range, I am so glad my impulse buys turned out so well :)


Monday, 2 October 2017

DermaNatural - Moisture on call*

A change of season and skincare

This is my first post of October which in the UK is Autumn, so it's getting colder with shorter days and longer nights.

Colder weather means the heating is on which tends to result in my skin drying out a bit more than normal - so it needs moisture, moisture, moisture, and also layering up.

Fortunately for me along with the change of season comes a couple of new products from DermaNatural - Gentle Cleansing Face Wash and Skin Hydration Moisturiser aka Hydroboost, exactly what my skin needs at this time of year and going into winter. ❄️

About DermaNatural

DermaNatural create organic and natural skincare, offering salon quality products for home use. Produced in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ their products contain pure natural organic ingredients, 100% vegetarian and of course are never tested on animals. πŸ°πŸ‘

Gentle Cleansing Face Wash

This is a dual use face wash.  You can either apply it as a wash - add water and wash, or you can apply it like a cleansing lotion.
For me these two options are perfect as I like to wash my face in the morning and cleanse with cotton pads at night.

As a wash it foams up well but not too much, and is not at all drying to the skin, like some harsher products can be.

At night I enjoy the ritual of sitting in bed and taking off my makeup and then cleansing my face. To do this I massage this face wash into my face and neck and then simply wipe off the excess with a cotton wool pad and then finish with toner.

However you use it, it does an excellent job and all with the help of some rather lovely friends - avocado, coconut, apricot, tamanu oils plus oatmeal.

The texture is creamy and very very slightly fibrous which I expect is the oatmeal, a really gentle cleanser, super kind to my skin.


This moisturiser is aimed at dry and stressed skin. Central heating and cold winds do make my skin extra dry so this soft comforting cream is just what I need.

A creamy and luxurious texture, fragrance free and jam packed with natural ingredients to give my skin the moisture boost it needs.

I always read labels, and find it reassuring when not only can I understand the words but then it sounds good enough to eat!!

Hydroboost contains, royal jelly, nut oils, oatmeal, banana to name just a few of the natural ingredients - (all the ingredients for a lush breakfast).

What it also contains, and this is very important when it comes to moisture, is hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a super start when it comes to skin hydration.  Don't be put off by the word acid, it isn't harsh at all, it holds water and therefore helps to plump up your skin.

We all naturally have hyaluronic acid in our skin but, guess what, it reduces with age, so get some in you now!

As I have dry skin I have been using hydroboost morning and night - face and neck.  It is lovely to apply and I find the texture comforting (I do have a crush on applying face creams).

As I am starting to layer up my skincare for the colder months I am topping this off with a face oil from Luna Kloris, as the oil helps to seal in the moisture - and it smells divine!

A change of season is always a good time to rethink your skincare, make up, wardrobe etc.
If you would like to find out more about DermaNatural, their products and how to buy here is the link to their website -

For now keep warm and keep hydrated πŸ‚πŸπŸ’‹

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